Sunday, May 24, 2015

33 Sunday Edition: Dopesmoker- "The Unholy Roller"

Article and photography by Ken Carvajal.

Since becoming a contributor for ChopCult, a number of bikes that I wanted to feature instantly came to mind. Those that I have pursued have been totally down to doing it. But sometimes the timing and the distance just doesn’t line up and ends up being pushed for when it’s most feasible. When I asked Dusty Ciborosky about shooting his bike, he shuffled his plans to make it happen. In fact, he even scouted the most perfect location for the shoot one evening leading up to the weekend.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Second Annual Aidan's Ride NY - May 31, 2015

Aidan Jack Seeger is the son of Bobby and Elisa Seeger of Indian Larry Motorcycles. Aidan was diagnosed with ALD in 2011 at just six years old. He lost his battle with the disease in 2012. Had he been diagnosed at birth, he could of lived a full life. The Aidan Jack Seeger Foundation was established in honor to help families of children newly diagnosed with ALD, raise awareness of the disease and press legislators to pass laws requiring newborn screening. This ride will help the Foundation continue its fight for national newborn screening and help families with children that have ALD. Join the fight by riding with Bobby and Elisa from Indian Larry Motorcycles in Brooklyn to The Maples. Tickets can be purchased; $25.00 for a ride and 40 with passenger on their website, Please use the code "Aidan's Ride" for Free Shipping on tickets! Day -of -Ride tickets are available as well. If you can't make it but want to contribute to the cause, buy a Aidan Has A Possee t-shirt, patch or bracelet and help a child in  need. Thanks, Lisa

New product from The Speed Merchant

Solid Riser Bushings

Comes with stainless steel countersunk 1/2″ 13 thread bolts
FITS: Most 1984-up FX, FXR, FXD and XL’s (will not fit FLT, 08-13 FXDB/FXSTD and 04-up XL)
100% Made in California
Retail value, $ 79.95

Thursday, May 21, 2015

What Is & Why You Need The BF7 Grass Pass

From our friends at Born-Free:


"It's hard to get the info out regarding Born-Free because every year we change stuff up to make it better and more fun. It's not like a regular show that's the same deal every just show up and it's over. Between the giveaway promo's, invited builders & guests, videos, sponsor & vendor info, art, merch, music and general show changes it's a lot to process. 
*Today the most important thing to understand is how the BF7 Grass Pass early admission band works and why you need it. The Grass Pass band is designed for the rider to enter the BF grounds without waiting in a line , without having to get off their bike park and pay..then start it back up and ride in. Also a huge plus is being able to have your bike inside the show grounds for easy access. Hang out with your friends and BS about what we all! Remember its a bike show and we your bikes inside the grounds and to be part of the show. Any bike parked inside the show grounds is eligible for an award and there are several to cover all styles of bikes. In fact the Best in Show winner we be selected from the crowd. 
The Grass Pass bands are only $ 10 bucks and if you have a passenger they need one too. The regular gate admission is only $ 10 bucks so there is no up charge for the Grass Pass its simply for the riders convenience and to help us keep the traffic moving. Lastly this is the only way to guarantee that your bike is on show grounds and part of the action. You can take your chances to just show up and pay at the gate but if we are full you will need to park in the parking lot and just walk in. The Grass Pass bands are open to all bikes. If you are riding to Born-Free do yourself a favor and buy a Grass Pass...You can thank us later.  To buy online visit  Don't Delay..Online cut off is coming soon!! See you all next month.

We will be set up at the So Cal Cycle Swap Meet this Sunday and ready to serve you.If you waited to buy your Grass Pass admission bands or giveaway promo poster/ticket combo...Now is the time. We also have some BF6 Tees we will be blowing out for $5 bucks so stop by and get what you need before its too late!! See you all next month," Mike and Grant/

Important information for anyone planning on attending Just Kickers

Due to the recent rainfall, the Ardmore Dragway is flooded, and it doesn't look like it will be dry enough for Just Kickers. We want you all to have a good time so we have decided to postpone Just Kickers to ­early October of 2015. As soon as we have a date we will let you know. Help us spread the word. Thanks, Kirk.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

New product from Biltwell Inc.

Check out Biltwell Inc's latest creation: The EXFIL-7 BAG

Overview: EXFIL is military parlance for "exfilltrate," which means, "Get the hell out of there as fast and organized as possible." EXFIL-7 is the first component in our rugged, function-forward line of collapsible transport and storage gear for action-oriented motorcycle enthusiasts. Unlike model-specific luggage for adventure bikes or the wild west-themed satchels popular with retro chopperheads, the Biltwell EXFIL-7 combines modern materials and construction with military-tested retention and expansion technology to create luggage that works even tougher than it looks. The "7" in this bag's name refers to the number of 12-oz. beer cans that can be stored and transported in its padded main compartment. Other Biltwell EXFIL bags will utilize this naming convention to help riders calculate the volume of equipment every bag will carry. 

Construction: Coated weather-resistant nylon pack cloth exterior with heavy-duty polyester thread at all joints and seams. One-inch-wide nylon modified MOLLE system on perimeter panels and back for strap placement, custom tie-down locations and multi-purpose mounting. One main and two pocket compartments with YKK nylon zippers. Cast alloy zipper pulls with polyester knotted rope extenders for easy operation with gloves. Double-thick exterior walls and lid construction with internal padding for protection and durability. Antique brass drain grommets on floor panel for moisture evacuation. 1.25-inch-wide sinch straps with heavy-duty nylon quick-release buckles help secure load after packing to reduce movement and rattling. Mil-spec orange interior panels on main and secondary compartments for enhanced materiel search and recovery inside the bag.  

Compartment dimensions:

Main: 11" wide x 5.75" deep x 4.75" wide
Large pocket: 9.75" wide x 5.75" deep with 8.0" opening
Small pocket: 5.75" wide x 4.25" deep with 4.5" opening

Fitment: Like other DIY parts and accessories in our line, the EXFIL-7 is customizable for different applications and mounting locations. On our personal bikes we've mounted heavily laden EXFIL-7 bags on the frame's down tubes, above the headlight on tall and mid-sized handlebars, and of course on both sides of our sissy bar (in front of the taillight and behind the rider's lower back.) EXFIL-7's MOLLE strap configuration and four reinforced leather straps with nickel-plated buckles easily facilitates this wide range of mounting options.
MSRP: $59.95

S.T.D. - June 6, 2015 - Howl and Prowl - Bisbee, Arizona

Sat. June, 6th #33member Old Shit Rules presents a night of vintage motorcycles and choppers at the famous St. Elmo Bar in historic Bisbee, AZ.  Prizes including Biltwell helmets and more will be awarded to top chopper, vintage, peoples choice and more.  Tons of goodies donated by our gracious sponsors will be raffled and given away, with live music throughout the night. Bisbee offers plenty of eats, drinks, hotels and culture so plan on staying the night.  Also, a down to earth after party and campout will be held in nearby Naco, AZ. Festivities start at 6 PM.  come early and stay late.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Welcome Jeff Jolly to the ChopCult family!

We would like to welcome 33 member and  photographer Jeff Jolly to the ChopCult contributor team. He'll be covering events and securing bike features in Detroit and the surrounding areas.

Kindly give him a follow for his upcoming contribution to the site:

Saturday, May 16, 2015

ChopCult Members please read

Every business and organization has rules that you must follow. is no different and every member needs to obey the rules at hand. If you are unfamiliar with the site rules / user tips, please take a moment to review them  here.

ChopCult member Allen and CRFyou have the main moderators for three years, and  Saltytonk has recently joined the team. They've been the ones keeping the forums tidy, respectful and "dick free". The site's overall comments  have been positive, which I really appreciate. Nothing's worst that somebody putting themselves out there, only to be ridiculed publicly.

Over the past year, the moderators have taken on the classified section, which is a full time job in itself. We have noticed a rise on complaints in the classified section, which will not be tolerated. If you have an issue with a fellow member, please try to resolve it through private messages first. If you don't get a response, add your beef to the ever popular Shit List. Allen has recently upgraded the Site Rules & User Tips Got a Problem? Q/A's Forums & CLASSIFIEDS thread (5/14/15)

Q: Is there a Classified(s) Moderator?

* YES. We now "administrate" the classifieds. That doesn't mean we run a "resolution" service, we do NOT. But we can now block users who violate the rules of posting or content within the classifieds. The classified section is NOT the shit list. Do not list complaints under a classified. That can get you BLOCKED from posting new classifieds. And, let's say, you don't care about not posting more than THREE CLASSIFIEDS IN A DAY, and you post SIX because that's what YOU want to do. That can and should get you blocked from posting new classifieds. We don't even send out "warning slips" because we're all adults here and we understand how the rules work. 

and let me say it one more time; NEVER SEND MONEY AS A GIFT. YOU CAN AND WILL EVENTUALLY LOSE IT and there's NOTHING we at Chop Cult can do other than tell you "WE TOLD YOU SO." Simple? One would think.

Please PM Allen with any classifieds issues or concerns, he's the point of contact, not me.

If you follow us on Instagram, you seen this post recently................

These are 4 simple House Rules to follow when using any of our social media outlets. If you abuse them you will blocked. We don't condone negative comments as it takes away from the post itself. Don't like what we post, keep your comments to your self and keep on scrolling. I'm sure we'll post something later you'd enjoy. I personally spend over ten hours a day promoting and handling ChopCult's social media with one thought in mind; To get people to hit the link, become a member, and enjoy the site's free benefits. We've seen a steady rise in membership; from 22,000 two years ago to 37,350 today.

Instagram - As a ChopCult member you have the right to use the #33member, #33er hashtags in your post. I check and share from that hashtag frequently. 

Facebook - We need your help --- If you support and believe in Chop Cult please share our logo on your Facebook  page and link With all of the new "rules" enforced on FB our feed is only seen by some of our followers. Thanking you in advance.

We really do appreciate your membership and following!
Thanks for your time,

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Crank & Stroker / ChopCult Instagram Giveaway

Our friends at Crank and Stroker have moved to a new location to better serve yo­u. They can be found at 28822 Old Town F­ront St. in Temecula, CA. To celebrate ­they would like us to giveaway one of their Super Stout 14 oz. Denim shirts. At 14 oz. these heavy demin shirts can be worn as a jacket or under your vest for added protection. They are available in black or blue. 

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Save some cash with Speed Dealer Customs

Memorial Day is just around the corner, we want you to be ready to enjoy it. No reason to sit around and buy stuff online because of the Memorial Day sales, just get out there and ride. We want to give you a week in advance to order your parts, and you'll have them on Memorial Day. Isn't that better anyway!? Join us May 14-17 for a weekend sale and free shipping. Be sure to use your code from this email at checkout: HERO2015 thank you!
Please note Free Shipping is US ONLY and special pertains to all Speed Dealer Customs parts!

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

New product from Deadbeat Customs

The "Deadbeat" Drivers are our take on a high quality Bison Leather Work Glove. These gloves are dyed/ treated/baked and then branded in house. This process gives them a custom red shine with the word "Deadbeat" across the back of the hand, which doesn't really do the glove justice til they are on your hands riding, with a closed fist the word "deadbeat" is placed across your knuckles.

Please Note: all Deadbeat Driver Gloves are dyed, branded, and treated in house by me, each glove is unique... The color will vary from glove to glove and the stamp will also vary from glove to glove. 


Deadbeat Customs 

This weekend folks - Pinned- May 16th. 2015

Pinned 5. 2015
"Cross my heart. Hope to ride"

Welcome to good times.We keep it simple. Bikes , bands. booze and babes.

-Bands (More T.B.A)
Ride to Ruin
Domestic Terror
Good English 
Cadaver Dogs 

Kick start contest.
- Must be entered and parked by stage 3pm.
- No modern kick start bikes
- Contest begins at 5pm
- First to turn over bike wins.

-Enter the Best Of Competition to win cool shit
Categories included : Chopper & Cafe
-Must be entered by 3pm
- Winner announces at 6pm.

- General Raffle Winners announced at 7:30 pm
(must be present to win)



-$10 for non-riders.

Parking inside lot inside compound is minimal first come. first serve. Street parking available.

Save the date folks- June 13, 2015- Nor' Easter -Greasy Run 2

The 2nd Annual Greasy Nut (formerly Nor'Easter) Vintage Custom Bike Show!
We had 50 vintage custom bikes last year, aiming for 150+ this year! Great location again this year at Billy Hills Road House. $12 bike registration, with a free beer and pork sandwich. Cool rides, good times, beer, music and friends. Dont have to live on the west coast to check out cool bikes!! We'll see you there! Vendor spots available - $25 each, comes with 2 free beers and 2 free sandwiches.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Fuel Cleveland recap

Big thanks to Mikey, Tyler and Jesse for inviting me and allowing ChopCult to cosponsor Fuel Cleveland. The event was awesome; the crowd was great, the vibe was mellow and everyone embraced and supported each other talents. It was a breathe of fresh air with a hint of humidity :-). The beer was cold and the tacos were hot; all in all a great day. I'll be sharing my imagery through social media and ChopCult contributor Dan Venditto will be working on an upcoming feature.
Enjoy, Lisa.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Lowbrow Customs is looking for a few customer bikes

We need your help! Email high resolution photos of your motorcycle to SUBMISSIONS@LOWBROWCUSTOMS.COM & have it featured in the next Weirdo Catalog! Don't forget to include details of your bike, your name, and contact info! 

Save the date - September 19th 2015- Kentucky Kick Down - Louisville, KY

We are proud to sponsor the Kentucky Kick Down once again!

The Kentucky Kick Down is a vintage motorcycle show that is open to all makes of bikes that are twenty-five years and older. Admission is $5.00 for adults. Children 12 and under are free and must be accompanied by an adult. Motorcycles of all makes and years are absolutely welcome, but show judging will be limited to vintage motorcycles only. There will be motorcycle parking for non-show bikes this year for $15 which includes your admission to the show. The event will also include an art show featuring local and regional artist, live music, vendors, a pool tournament, plus plenty of local food and drink. It will take place at The Barret Bar, with part of Barret Avenue closed for the event.

Friday, May 1, 2015

Save the date folks - August 1, 2015 - Moto Mania - Owatonna MN

We are a small group of Veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars that are ultimately trying to get the word out about the VFW and services and support that they provide.  Through events like ‘Moto Mania’ we are hoping to bring a wider exposure to the challenges that returning and current Veterans face in finding a community of support that exists outside of the military.  How can this be accomplished? tearing your chopper around a dirt track and camping out with your buddies!

Bikes, Dirt, Beer! | Ride in - Show off - Camp out! Open and free event for all | Dirt track in Owatonna MN this August 1st 2015 | 

Bring your bike and show all the cool kids what's up! Strap on a tent and camp out in the center of the dirt track at night. 

Chopper-Bobber-Rat-Cafe-Scooter...bring whatever you've got! | Leave the chrome at home, it's time to see what your old deathtrap can do!

Sponsored by: Heavy Clothing - Cycle Goods - Biltwell - Chop Cult - Lowbrow Customs - Bolt and Timber Design - VFW

Interested in getting involved with this awesome event? Please private message ChopCult member Dan Raleigh 1stThursday.

Thursday, April 30, 2015

New product from Throttle Addiction

Throttle Addiction recently released 2 new styles of handlebars, the Rabbit Bars and Tee Bars.  The bars are crafted from seamless 4130 Chromoly tubing and TIG Welded.  The precision machined bungs are tapped to accept ½” X 13 TPI bolts.  Both feature 3.5” spacing designed to bolt directly Harley Davidson Glide forks. The Rabbit bars look great on longer choppers while the Tee bars are great for Sportys, Dynas or stock rake choppers.  Available in black powder coat or chrome plated.  Retail $99.99

Available 24/7 at www.throttleaddiction .com or call 480-442-1821

Fuel Cleveland - May 9, 2015 - Cleveland, Ohio

Fuel Cleveland is a free show to all, showcasing motorcycle builders, rare bike owners, painters, and photographers held on May 9th 2015 in Cleveland OH.  Presented by Lowbrow Customs, The GasBox and Forever The Chaos Life 

ChopCult contributor Mikey Revolt took some time out of his busy schedule to interview me. I'm truly humbled and honored to be included. My full interview can be found at

Follow Fuel Cleveland:

Monday, April 27, 2015

This Sunday - NOR CAL Cycle Swap Meet

Head over to the  NOR CAL Cycle Swap on Sunday for a great day of swapping . Main gates open at 8:30, tell Otto ChopCult sent ya . Kindly follow @norcalcycleswap for more information.

New product from Burly Brand

Check out Burly's new MX Style Foot Pegs  

We’ve always felt that billet aluminum was nice for big airplanes and your dad's bagger, but steel is the real deal and the newest Mini MX style pegs from Burly are just that. They took their existing bear trap and narrowed it up a bit for a nice balanced feel. Also makes an excellent passenger peg if you’re already running the full size stuff up front. Our favorite part? The integrated bottle opener. Nice touch Burly.  Check out the Burly web site or contact your local dealer to get a set. 

MSRP: $115.00 

This weekend folks - "Psycho de Mayo Run 5" - Austin, TX

The "Psycho de Mayo Run", one of central Texas' best single-day motorcycle runs (for people like us) will return to Austin for its 5th annual running on Saturday, May 2nd, 2015.

Save the date- June 6, 2015 - Midwest Moto Swap - Medina, Ohio

Lovers of antiquated modes of two wheeled transportation. Those who value building things with their own two hands. People of the mindset that time in the garage and on the open road is better spent than most other endeavors.

A proper crusty swap meet. Buy, sell and swap new, used and vintage motorcycle parts. American, British, Japanese, European, if it has two wheels and a motor it is welcome here.

Saturday, June 6th, 2015. Vendor setup is day of show from 6 - 8 a.m. Event is 8 a.m. - 2 p.m.


The thrill of the hunt is what makes swap meets so much fun. Too many swaps full of fringed jackets, do-rags and insurance salesmen is starting to jade motorcycle enthusiasts everywhere. Enter a simple event, cheap for vendors, cheap for attendees, chock full of good times and cool parts, and it even starts at a decent hour.