Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Save some cash with Speed Dealer Ciustoms

"We have everything marked down on the site to make some room for our brand new parts that are coming out in the fall, " states Caleb, co owner of Speed Dealer Customs. They have a plethora of motorcycle parts and accessorizes.
The time to buy is now
Promotion ends on July 28, 2014!

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Strange Days 4 photos

Photograph by  Madshovel  

Check out the Strange Days 4 photo thread submitted by our members. 

Thanks for sharing guys!

Save the date - August 23rd : The Spare Arts Motorcycle Show - Austin MN.

We are proud to be sponsoring this event.
The Spare Arts Motorcycle Show is August 23rd 10am - 6pm on Main Street in Austin MN presented by Hold Fast Motors. This eccentric spin on a motorcycle show will be open to all makes and models, so anyone who has a motorcycle, trike, scooter etc will be allowed in. There will be vendors, food, music, and other oddities to keep any type of person busy for hours. 
August 23, 2014 from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM.

New Mini Mufflers from Biltwell Inc.

Description: Biltwell mini mufflers slip fit over the open ends on 1-3/4-inch O.D. custom pipes to change the look and sound of the exhaust system on your motorcycle. A perforated steel baffle tube with fiberglass wrapping inside the mini muffler can be removed to change the exhaust note.

Mini Muffler Cannon - Chrome

Construction: Custom tapered and TIG welded 16-gauge steel canister with 1.76” I.D. slip joint end. TIG welded, stamped steel hanger bracket with Biltwell anvil marking. Gold zinc plated 16-gauge perforated steel baffle tube with stamped and TIG welded end caps. Fiberglass packing around removable internal baffle assembly provides additional sound muffling and inhibits sparks during backfiring. Two finishes available: Triple chrome plating or matte black high-temperature powdercoating

Mini Muffler Grenade - Black

Fitment: Biltwell mini mufflers fit over 1-3/4-inch O.D. open tube exhaust pipes with a minimum of 1-1/8 inch of straight tube at the end of the exhaust pipe. If your current straight pipes feature a removable baffle inside the tube end, it may be necessary to remove the baffle and associated mounting hardware to facilitate slip fitment of the Biltwell mini muffler over the tube end. Biltwell mini mufflers can be secured on the exhaust tube end with any standard P-clamp constructed for this purpose (not included), or with a Biltwell machined alloy muffler clamp. The TIG welded mounting strap on the back of the mini muffler canister provides a place to mount a bracket for custom installations.

Mini Muffler Cannon - Chrome

NOTICE TO CALIFORNIA END USERS: Biltwell mini mufflers are designed to fit a variety of 1977 or older and 1978 or newer motorcycles as a “replacement part” as defined by the California Air Resources Board. To be legal for operation on or off highways in the state of California, any aftermarket part falling under CARB’s replacement part definition may not eliminate or replace any original emission control component(s), such as an oxygen sensor(s), catalytic converter(s), etc. If the motorcycle you plan to customize by installing Biltwell mini muffler(s) has a catalytic converter, please understand that removing either the catalytic converter and/or any oxygen sensor(s) on the exhaust system is a violation of CARB regulations. 

Buy your Mini Muffs here!

Friday, July 18, 2014

Member events this weekend

Nor'Easter Vintage Custom & Classic Bike Show
Saturday 10-5 - Hosted by Dan's Place - West Greenwich. All makes pre- 1975 customs, choppers and classics.

Photo: Rockerbox Bike Show and Swap Meet
July 19, 2014 from 8:00 AM to 1:00 PM
1520 Wells Rd, Orange Park, FL 32073
#chopcult #ccmemberevent

Rockerbox Bike Show and Swap Meet
1520 Wells Rd, Orange Park, FL 32073

New Cast Air Cleaners from Bison Motorsports

These air cleaners come complete with a high performance reusable air filer and all the mounting hardware required to make this a simple install. We crafted this piece from the highest quality material, the backing place is machined out of aluminum and will fit either CV, S&S and EFI mounts. The tops are cast in T319 aluminum right here in Southern California. Each piece is polished to a high shine.

If replacing a stock air cleaner you will need to purchase a carb support bracket, for S&S we also recommend a enricher knob for a clean setup.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Welcome Kill Scum Speed Cult to the CC family!

We would like to welcome Kill Scum Speed Cult 
to the ChopCult family!

Kill Scum Speed Cult is an expression of American freedom. 
The spirit of the wild, the drive of the restless, the constant chase of liberty, to feel the open air, to explore and roam, to conquer, to be an individual....its also a clothing line. 

Our mission is to provide the biker community around the world with quality american biker apparel at an affordable price.

We design, print, plan and distribute all of our merchandise ourselves.  We are involved in all parts of our clothing line to supply you with the most honest and purest biker apparel.  All of our merchandise is printed here in the USA, it is a home grown business. 

We believe in keeping the DIY attitude and are against big corporate clothing companies that are always trying to find a way to make a bag of cash out of our fellow bikers by designing horrible shirts that clearly have no real biker relation.  All of our designs are original and are constantly adding to our collection.

New from Voodoo Vintage – MK20 Weld on Hardtail for the Yamaha XS400

For the XS400, the time has come... The first known production hardtail that effortlessly molds form and function into a swift little package that won't break the bank. Fully TIG welded and (get this!) designed specifically for the Yamaha XS400. No more struggling with “universal kits”!

This Hardtail is low profile in every regard and features over 4 inches of stretch with a 2-1/2” drop. A
single backbone / seat post configuration allows the use of standard aftermarket gas tanks and rear axle
plates are machined to accommodate 3/4” or 20mm axles (including the stock XS400).

Fitment is a breeze and can be performed without the use of a jig. Lower rear motor mounts are welded
AFTER final engine placement to insure accurate fit.

Available for purchase July 14th with a standard retail price of $299 (Plus Shipping).

If this isn't the hardtail you're looking for, check out their vast array of hardtaials here. David creates hardtails for many Honda, Suzuki, Harley-Davidson and Kawasaki models. 

Tuesday, July 15, 2014



ChopCult and Bench*Mark have come together again to produce the 33 Ignition Cover. It is machined from 6061 aluminum and the lightning bolt was cut out and sandblasted while the rest was polished to a beautiful shine. The 2 hole bolt pattern comes in either vertical or horizontal.

This is an limited edition run.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

New! S&S EZ Loader!

DIY Fuel Injection Calibration Loader!

You no longer need to invest in an expensive fuel injection tuning device or spend tons of money on costly dyno tuning! For under $200 you can own the S&S EZ Loader that allows you to select and load S&S Cycle developed and dyno proven tune files into your ECM. These calibrations were developed exclusively for S&S Step 1 (intake & exhaust) and Step 2 (Cams) Proven Performance® products.

The S&S EZ Loader is simple to use, and as your bike evolves through the S&S 'Steps' process, you can easily change the calibration to match your configuration.  Start with Step 1: for example the S&S Stealth air cleaner and Super Sidewinder 2-into1 exhaust. Use the S&S EZ Loader to select the parts, then the calibration, load it and go.  Down the road when you are looking for more power, move to Step 2 and install a set of S&S MR103 cams, select the calibration that matches, load it and ride!
The S&S EZ Loader comes with a USB cable and instructions, and is pre-loaded with all available S&S Step 1 & 2 calibration files (at time of production). Calibrations and firmware stored on the device can be updated anytime online*. Check out www.sscycle.com/ezloader for more details.
• 2011-‘14 103" Harley-Davidson® EFI big twins with Delphi® module
• More calibrations and models being developed daily. (Check
www.sscycle.com/ezloader for more details)
Features and Benefits
• Simple plug and play operation – Plug in, select the parts that are on your bike, select the calibration, save the calibration, and then load your tune file
• Automatically recognizes your vehicle model and only shows available calibration files
• Comes loaded with all available S&S Step 1 and Step 2 calibrations (However, first time users need to do a simple online setup process to configure their S&S EZ Loader and to download the latest firmware and tune files.)
• S&S calibration files adjust fuel delivery, ignition timing, and increase rev limit (Tune files for S&S Easy Start cams may also turn off factory compression releases if needed)
• Automatically downloads latest calibrations when plugged into your computer*
• New calibration and firmware updates available online*
Bonus Functions!
• Read and clear error codes
• Re-calibrate your speedometer
·        Designed for race use only, and not legal for use on emissions controlled vehicles

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Save the date - Saturday, August 16 / 17 - The Any Port In A Storm Run

"A ride and camp out run along the coast of Nova Scotia. We leave the morning of the 16 and Camp over night $15.00 will include your camping space & a raffle ticket. We have some great Supporters and Sponsors, hooking us up with prizes. It's about having an adventure and riding bikes 
Bring yourself, your bike, a blanket and what ever else you need to sleep under the stars. There will be no hand holding, your responsible for yourself and your bike. Have it in good working order before the run, and ride it like you are going to make it back to those you love. "

New 6-1/4" Wide Spun Steel Bobber Fender by TC Bros Choppers

TC Bros Choppers 6.25” wide spun steel rear motorcycle fenders are 100% made in the USA and among the highest quality you will find anywhere! Spun from 13GA (.090” thick) premium American steel, these are very heavy duty and built to last. Parallel sidewalls make for easy mounting to sissy bars or fender struts! 27.5” inside diameter fits 16” tires perfectly, and 6.25” inside width accommodates up to a 140 series tire. Works perfectly with vintage style 16” tire sizes such as 5.00x16, MT90-16, 5.10 x 16, etc. Also looks good on OEM style tires such as 130/90-16, 140/90-16, etc.

Retail: $169.99

Friday, July 11, 2014

Strange Days 4 Chopper Giveaway Preview

Strange Days 4 Chopper Giveaway Preview from Jay Cagney on Vimeo.

Video by Jay Cagney 

The Tingler, a 1971 900 sportster, is finished and could be yours this Saturday July 12 at Strange Days 4!! Tickets will be for sale Friday July 11 at the Vernon Inn Tiki bar and all day Saturday at farm, 1 for $10, 3 for $25. Drawing will be held Saturday July 12 at 7pm, rain or shine, must be present to win!!! Special thanks to Matt Rush @rushcyclesnj for rebuilding the motor, Carl Miller for the seat work, Bob of Toon Town for the paint, Ben Joe Cal @captcalsretrofit for fabrication and over all build, Chris Dripchauk and Kenny Buongiorno for handling the wheels and budget of the build. We want to say thanks to all of the Strange Days supporters, the audience and sponsors for being awesome and making this motorcycle and party come to life. See ya on the farm , expand your motorcycle mind...
more info at strangedaysevent.blogspot.com

Strange Days is a motorcycle get together for like minded chopper enthusiasts. It also takes place at a man's private property who is being kind enough to have us; so respect for his land is important. This is purely about the love of bikes, good tunes, and just having a fun time. We would love for everyone to join us, and just keep it peaceful! So please no fireworks, personal fires, burnouts, attitudes, or fights. We're encouraging a No Colors policy to help ensure this. No offense or disrespect to anyone, we just want to keep it low key, safe, and to be able to to do it again! Much thanks!

Save the date - September 27, 2014 - Heavy Heads

We are proud to be sponsoring this event!

Heavy Heads is a custom motorcycle helmet art exhibition and party. This is your chance to see mind blowing lids by amazing artists you've seen in your favorite chopper mags and more.The artist roster is comprised of 30 international artists who ride and work on bikes. These artists are also some of the HEAVIEST producing work today.


*full artist roster below*


For updates on camp spots, routes to ride, holes to swim at etc. check on www.puresludge.blogspot.com

The Lost Road Preview Party At The Harley Museum July 12th, Milwaukee.

A movie featuring Troy Critchlow, Gentry Dayton, Josh Kurpius and Ryan Grossman, not a documentary but a true story. It's been a long time in the making and we are very excited, Michael has been working around the clock to get it finished and it's looking spectacular. The Lost Road should be on general release by September