Sunday, October 9, 2016

Basket Case Magazine Issue 2

"Want to get your hands on a copy of issue number two? Of course you fucking do! Better act quick! These things are going fast. Just like issue number one, when they are gone... they are gone! The link to our big cartel site is in our bio. Here is a brief description of what we have been up to this summer:

• In this issue we talk to Tom Fugle and the El Forastero MC. Tom gives us an exclusive look at his personal photo archive as he takes Basket Case Mag on a tour of his home, his shop, and the EFMC Clubhouse.

• We have a one on one history lesson from Mondo Porras of Denvers Choppers. Mondo gives us his first hand account from start to finish of the legendary Denvers Choppers.

• Ever wondered what feeds the mind of the fantasy/chopper-art legend Mitch Cotie? We talk in depth about his artwork, his inspirations, and his life.

• Cicero DeGuzman Jr. The man, the myth, the legend himself. We are very happy to be able to showcase the work of one of today's most influential motorcycle photographers. No words needed.

• Ride To Pines, not to be confused with the event put on by Biltwell, is an event organized and orchestrated by Daril of Mulberry Street Handmade Goods. Our Staff photog Lee Bender goes on a wild ride with this crew and in his typical wordsmith fashion lays it all out on paper for you to daydream about.

•Evelyn is nothing short of amazing. Our absolutely gorgeous friend was feeling a little frisky and decided to share her assets with our Basket Case Readers! Photographs taken by the equally gorgeous and extremely talented, Mrs. Dina Santos."

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