Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Deadbeat Retreat


The 2017 Deadbeat Retreat will be held at Stonehedge 342 W. Grey Rd, Grey ME. This event is one day only, your ticket is good for this event and camping Saturday night.

What you'll find at the Deadbeat Retreat:

There will be an invite only chopper show, showcasing some of the best bikes around under a large event tent. This year we are also welcoming pre 70's hotrods/ ratrods so if you want to come & show your car for the day you are more than welcome to park it on the grass.

If the idea of wolf shirts, big wheel baggers, and large bike rallies make your cringe than this event is for you. As our friends over at Biltwell say it's about riding motorcycles and having fun! Last year's Retreat consisted of mostly home built chops, Sportsters, Dyna's, 650's & 750's.

Burgers & Dogs will be sold at the event along with breakfast on Sunday.

Beer will also be sold at the event.

Take a look at the 2016 Deadbeat Retreat here:

Buy your ticket now and be sure to enjoy the ride!

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