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Monday, January 30, 2017

Happy Monday to Ya!

Good morning fellow members,
I hope life is treating you well. This is just a friendly reminder of the handful of rules that every member needs to follow. Please take a moment to review and act accordingly. Thank you for your time and membership.

The ChopCult Code of Conduct is easy to live by: 

1) Don't be a dick.

2) Don't let others get away with acting like a dick.

3) If you think a member is a dick, call him on it, but in a respectful, level-headed way.

4) Personal bullshit meters are set pretty high around here. Tall tales and bench racing are one thing, but blatant lies and disrespect won't be tolerated.

5) See item #1

6) We don't measure cuffs, hold petty grudges or make sweeping generalizations about people, motorcycles or their scene on ChopCult, but even douchebags are smart enough to know when they're at the wrong party.

7) Be cool, have fun and share the experience with friends.

Posting Classifieds:

Please don't use ChopCult Classifieds to direct members to listings on other sites (Webpages, Bigcartel stores, eBay, CL, Instagram, etc.)

Ads with nudity will be removed

Please post your location and price and PHOTO in ALL ads 

Do not post more than 4 ads in a single day, combine your listings if needed

Do NOT send money through PayPal as a GIFT for payment on any classified. 
We highly recommend that you use an escrow service (such as for large amounts to prevent fraudulent deals; it gives the Buyer the chance to get his/her money back before funds are released to the seller.

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