Monday, October 10, 2016

Riders On The Norm recap

With all of the cross-promotion for events and moving I totally spaced giving our friends at Riders On the Norm some loving. My bad!

Here's a recap of the past shows:

Episode 17 - We catch up with Max Schaaf and talk about 4Q, some of his past builds and appreciating finer details in people's work. Max kicks a bike for three days straight, what it takes to make it work living a creative life, skating and skating at 40 and more as

Episode 18 - Live on tape and in the flesh, Axel Mercier joins us in the studio to chew the fat about a few of our favorite things: tattoos, guitars and choppers. We'll talk about different tattoo work you see from Florida to New York and places worldwide, his time playing guitar with Jeff in the Speed Kings, what kind of guitars he's got in his quiver, the qualities you expect in a good roadie, and 'cruising' the city streets. Listen here.

Episode 19 -  Dalton Walker joins us from Hanford, CA, to talk about Split Image Customs (SIK), and mixing the family welding business with building choppers. We'll talk about his first win at Artistry In Iron in Las Vegas, one of our favorites from Chopperfest and his Triumph combo at Born Free. We'll find out how he pulled off a 27 day build for Sturgis and the challenges you face when you're working on hot rods AND bikes. Listen here.

Episode 20 - This is a show we did in the very beginning so bare with us while we deal with this damn hurricane! New episode will be up soon, I promise!  Wes

(All podcasts are linked to Stitcher, also available on iTunes)

I would like to congratulate Wes and Miz on their marriage and wish them a lifetime of happiness. 

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