Tuesday, October 11, 2016

ChopCult giveaway provided by 0GIVEN

Nothing makes me happier than receiving an email from a happy member who wants to give back to the community. Joe aka 0GIVEN has been a member since 2014 and has created quiet a name for himself. He grew up in Salinas, California and is currently residing in the Los Angeles area. He has been making a living exclusively through his artwork for about a year now and intends to let the good times roll for as long as he can.

"Since the beginning, ChopCult has provided me with a venue to gain exposure for my work and still does to this day. That’s the kind of support that keeps me going and I’m very grateful for it. I’m happy to be a part of the ChopCult community and see this giveaway as an opportunity for me to show my appreciation for all the support." -Joe

You can win this custom, hand made decal set with silver leaf accents. They’re designed to be installed on your gas tank and buried under a clear coat.

Enter in this thread once for the chance to win. Best of luck.

I would like to thank Joe for his membership and ongoing support! Be sure to check out the rest of his goods and give him a follow on the ol' gram.

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