Friday, September 2, 2016

Hot August Night Racing By Nick Faught

Hell on Wheels Hot August Nights captures the spirit and heart of flat track racing with all the various classes for almost anyone to race just about anything. I tell you, just about everything was represented out on the Industry Hills Expo track Saturday. Meatball with Hell on Wheels MC and all the support he receives, does a great job at providing a safe and fun environment for everyone of all skill levels to come out, go fast and turn left. It was such a blast seeing all the different bikes that were brought out to race, from a pair of Indians to a crazy Buell Blast tracker, and you can't forget the guys on the mini's bringing the mayhem. Always a crowd pleaser was the Mike Davis Handshift Class showing what old American iron can still do. The ladies battled hard in the ATWYLD Women's Class and continued the intensity throughout the night. One of the highlights of the night was watching Tyler Bereman of Fast House Racing killing it despite having a broken arm.

The whole night was live broadcasted for those unfortunate enough to not to be able to make it out and see the races. You can check it all out at the Industry Hills Expo Center's website right here.

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