Friday, August 5, 2016

PaintHuffer MetalFlake giveaway

I'm one of the thousands who love seeing some good ol' tank or helmet art. I can not draw or paint but appreciate those share their talents with the world. I also appreciate those who create products that help the artists follow through with their vision. Brian Kennedy owns and operates PaintHuffer MetalFlake. Brian makes metalflake that painters stand by and has built great working relationships with well-known painters. The MetalFlake is affordable, bright, and top quality.

PaintHuffer started in Phoenix,AZ back in 2011. At the time I was painting custom tanks for choppers along with custom helmets. A buddy who worked at a local auto paint supply shop (jobber), gave me the nickname "PaintHuffer" due to my constant time in the shop, and work ethics.

I was constantly trying to find Metalflake that would not fade out in the sun, that was UV Resistant. I also needed colors that would work with what I was creating in my shop. With no luck trying to find this, I decided to source and work with a Polymer Chemist to help me create my own brand "PaintHuffer"

Once we launched our company, I was extremely humbled and grateful for the amount of high profile and talented artists and corporations that began to use our product. We have grown over the past 5 years into a global company, with worldwide distribution. We still stay very true to the painters who are learning and constantly give support to those who want to learn this craft.

We have an incredible group of people who help out PaintHuffer on a daily basis. Our team of "Sponsored Artists" and customers continue to blow our mind with the amount of amazing artwork we see produced with our MetalFlake. We are beyond grateful and excited for our future in this amazing community. Huge thanks to Lisa and Chop Cult for all of your support!! -Brian Kennedy

To kick off this lovely journey Brian has graciously offered a 10 pack giveaway containing 6 original  PaintHuffer MetalFlake and a just released 4 signature series pack of BuckWild flake. Just follow ChopCult and PaintHuffer MetalFlake, look for this photo and play along to enter. The winner will be announced on 8 / 11/2016.

PAINTERS WANTED -  Share a photo of paint work in this thread for the chance to win a PaintHuffer MetalFlake prize box filled with flake, tape, etc. 

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