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How To Install: Lowbrow Customs Cole Foster Gas Tank

Known for his minimalist approach to design and style, Salinas Boys own Cole Foster designed this low-slung gas tank to add some class to your custom Harley-Davidson Sportster. The Cole Foster Motorcycle Gas Tank fits 2007 & up Harley-Davidson Sportsters, which have Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI). It comes complete with a knurled aluminum vented gas cap, and uses your stock fuel pump and gas tank mounting hardware. With a capacity of approximately 3.25 gallons you will have plenty of gas for those long moto trips. This gas tank swap is an easy install for novice or experienced motorcycle builder alike.

Tools Needed For The Job
1/2 inch wrench
1/2 inch socket
3/8 Drive Ratchet
1/4 Drive Ratchet
Flathead Screwdriver
T25 Torx Bit
1/4 inch Allen


All the tools needed for the job.

How To Install: Cole Foster Gas Tank

Step 1. Remove the seat screw from the fender with a flathead screwdriver. Push forward on the seat to release from the tab located in the middle of the seat. After it releases pull back on the seat from the tank to release the tab from underneath the tank.

Todd pushing the seat forward to release from the middle tab.


This is how the center tab hooks onto the seat.

Step 2. Remove the front and rear tank bolts. The front use a 1/4 inch allen and 1/2 inch wrench to loosen. Use a 1/2 inch wrench and 1/2 inch socket to remove the bolt from the rear.

Todd removing the rear tank bolt with 1/2 inch wrench and socket.


Todd using an extension for his socket to stay clear of the tank. He is using a 1/4 inch allen and a 1/2 wrench to take of the front tank bolt.

Step 3. There are 3 things we have to disconnect before removing the tank from the bike. 1. You have to unplug the electrical wiring going to the fuel pump. 2. Pull the anti vapor valve hose from the tank. 3. There is a quick disconnect valve located on the fuel pump itself that must be disconnected too.

Here is where the electrical line is located on the left side of the bike. Push the button in the middle and pull, it will slide free. 

The vapor line is also located on the left side of the bike on the lower left corner of the stock tank. Pull down and it will easily relate from the tank fitting.


To disconnect the fuel line from the fuel pump, push up on the silver cylinder and pull down on the fuel line.

Step 4. Now you can remove the tank from the bike.
Todd removing the gas tank from the bike.

Step 5. Make sure fuel cap is fully tightened. Carefully turn the tank upside down on a soft cloth to protect it and remove the 5 screws that hold the fuel pump in place with a T25 torx bit.

Todd removing the 5 screws. Note- if gas leaks from the cap you should try to find away to empty the gas tank first so that you don't have a huge mess on your hands.

Step 6. Remove the fuel pump assembly from the tank, this may take a little finagling but be patient and note how it comes out to make it easier to go into the new Cole Foster Gas Tank.
Todd removing the fuel pump, at this point he found it easier to angle the pump away from him to get it out completely.

Step 7. Check the fuel pump plate gasket to see if it is in good shape or if it needs replaced. It should be seated properly, flat on each side, with the rounded portions keeping it seated in place in the groove.
Todd checking the fuel pump gasket.

Step 8. Install the fuel pump into the Cole Foster Gas tank. Tighten down the 5 plate screws until they are all snug, then go back around and completely tighten. The fuel pump does have a factory torque spec on those screws, which is in inch pounds, be sure to look that up in your service manual.
Make sure to put the pump in the Cole Foster Gas Tank the same way you took it out from the stock tank.


Line up your holes before putting your screws in place.


Make sure to put your screws in snug and then fully tighten.

Step 9. Install the Cole Foster Gas Tank on to the bike using the same front and rear bolts.
Todd using the same stock bolts to put the Cole Foster Gas Tank on.


Pay attention to the coil bracket that attaches with the front bolt as well. There are some locating squares for the coil bracket. The tank may need to be lifted slightly at the front to make the holes line up.


Again the rear uses 1/2 inch wrench and socket and the front uses 1/4 inch allen and 1/2 wrench to tighten.

Step 10. 1. Plug your electrical wiring connector back in after tucking it behind your quick disconnect valve on the fuel pump and behind your rear spark plug wire. 2. Plug in your fuel line back into the quick connect valve on the fuel pump. Push up on the silver cylinder, push the fuel line up and it will click into place.
You will hear the plug click when it slides back together.

Fuel line connected to the quick connect valve on the fuel pump.

Step 11. Put some gas in the new tank, screw the gas cap on, and GO FOR A RIDE!!!

This is the gas cap that comes with your Cole Foster Gas Tank.

The Before
A Stock 2009 Harley-Davdison Sportster Tank.

The After

In need of more help on this install. Never fear we have got you covered. Check out Todd giving a step by step how to install this Cole Foster Gas Tank in the video below.

Information borrowed from Lowbrow Customs' Chop Market

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