Tuesday, July 5, 2016

This weekend: Strange Days 6 - Vernon, NJ

Mission Statement:

Strange Days is an old time biker party and camp-out for like-minded vintage motorcycle enthusiasts. It also takes place at a man's private property who is kind enough to have us back each year; so respect for his land is very important. This is purely about the love of old bikes, good tunes, and just having a fun time. We would love for everyone to join us, and just keep it peaceful! So please no fireworks, attitudes, fights, or hot-dogging. We encourage and enforce a No Colors policy to help ensure this. No offense or disrespect to anyone, we just want to keep it low key, safe, and to be able to do it again! Much thanks to everyone who has been super respectful in the past, and everyone we hope to see in the future!

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