Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Riders On The Norm Podcast

"Riders On The Norm is a podcast about choppers, rock'n'roll, and everything that falls between." Well, let me tell ya, I've already blasted through the first four episodes and I'm officially hooked! Fellow members Wes Slaton, Jeff Potter, and Shoprag keep it interesting for sure.

"The idea of Riders On The Norm came from the garage, being surrounded by choppers, with rock n' roll blasting through the speakers. Together, Jeff (@jpotter_71), Shoprag (@shoprag), and I decided to record and share it via podcasting. We laugh and poke fun at ourselves and thought other guys and girls were probably doing the same thing and may enjoy it. We bring on the occasional guest to share their stories from the road. New episodes every Monday morning," Wes.

Riders On the Norm is available through iTunes and Podcast Republic. If you enjoy the weekly podcasts give them a 5 stars rating to help them grow. Kindly follow Riders On The Norm on Facebook and Instagram. Take a listen and let me know your thoughts here. Keep up the great work Wes, Jeff, and Shoprag! 

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