Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Art & Fuel Presented by Throttle Addiction

From our friends at Throttle Addiction - 

Be sure to come check out the Art & Fuel Exhibit showing at Born-Free this weekend. 10 Extremely talented artists have painted Throttle Addiction tanks to be shown exclusively at this event. Be sure to come find it and check out their hard work. The exhibit will be located at the far opposite end from the public entrance, near the smaller Dice stage. If you can't make it, check out our Instagram feed for photos of the beautiful work. Sponsored by ChopCult and Painthuffer Metal Flake.

New Indented Wassell Tanks Debut at BF8 -

We finally have the first batch of our new Indented Wassell style tanks in hand and we're giving everyone a first look at Born-Free this weekend. They will be for sale to the public next week! Stop by our booth to get a first look at these new additions!

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