Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Rest In Peace Gus "Goose" Duarte

If you've attended any Hell On Wheels event you've probably witness Gus tearing up the track. He was the one with a huge smile on his face, never taking the racing too seriously, but always enjoying himself. If you knew him well you knew Gus or Goose as many called him as a person who really cared about your well-being. You always knew that his son Ashton "Lorenzo" Potts was close by as they were best buds. Goose was very proud of his son!

During Sunday's Hell On Wheels Stadium Steeplechase at Glen Helen Goose was taking photos of the event. Photography was another passion of his. During the last race, an imageable accident happened and Goose was killed. His passing has affected many because he was a great person. There has been a Go Fund Me account set up to help the family with the funeral expenses and the rest will go to Lorenzo. Any donation is greatly appreciated.

Our thoughts go to Goose's family, friends and the Hell On Wheels crew.

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