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Saturday, February 20, 2016

Save the date - August 5th and 6th 2016 - Boogie Farm Clam Jam

We are very proud to be sponsoring the Boogie Farm Clam Jam!


Show up that Friday, August 5th, anytime or whenever that Saturday, August 6th. Camping is absolutely free at 8740 Cash Road Martinsville, Indiana. Pre-party at Main Street bar and grill Friday night. Ride on Saturday to Cataract Falls. Raffles all day Saturday (tickets are totally free and handed out). Bring a clam, show your chopper skills (still totally free). Race some mini bikes (...still free). Slip-n-die. A food truck will be on site for your munching needs. We'll also give ya'll some awards for shit like... best girl's bike, worst chopper, craziest dude to ride to a farm party, etc. same old stuff. Oh yeah, AND A BUNCH OF FREE BEER Saturday night. Vendors will have booths set up Saturday. Really stoked to see you beautiful motor bike friends and strangers. Ride safe, if you party too hard plan on staying put (no bullshit, getting arrested is not free). Plan your ride ahead of time (cell service gets scarce), look for boogie farm signs, tell your friends, LET'S BOOGIE! 

We can't thank all our sponsors enough for donating shit for us to give away. If you missed this party this year, don't fuck up and miss it in 2016!!

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