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Monday, September 29, 2014

Cycle Source Year In Review Nominations Now Open!!!

Please follow this link to NOMINATE your favorite parts of the motorcycle scene for the Cycle Source 2014 Year In Review “Best Of” Nominations!

We need your help to make sure we give the right people the credit they deserve! Once all the nominations are collected you will get a chance to vote on the finals for the “Best Of Awards” that will appear in our January 2015 Year In Review Issue.

Cycle Source Magazine launched the idea of a “Year in Review” issue in 2007. In it, we not only took a look at the past year of our magazine through the top ten feature bikes and the best of our year’s content, but we also looked at the entire industry and the top headlines and products through the “Best of Awards.” This also gives us the opportunity once a year to reach out to our readers and include them in voting to give credit to the people who make up our industries’ leaders.
Not only does this provide some level of entertainment but it also helps with the education of who the people are behind the happenings of the American motorcycle scene.
So GO MAKE YOUR NOMINATIONS TODAY!!!! deadline for submissions is Oct. 6, 2014

If you dig what we have going on, please vote for ChopCult on question number 13:  What Would You Nominate As 2014's Best Media Release? (Book, Movie, DVD, Radio Show, Website, Etc)


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